ESRA (originally Eastern Ski Reps Association) was founded over 50 years ago by a group of sales reps in upstate New York. While the size, make up and name of the association has changed considerably over these many years, the intention of the association has remained the same .. to bring retailers and reps together in a neutral environment to see next years' product offering and place orders.

EWSRA (now Eastern Winter Sports Reps Association) is now made up of over 150 independent sales reps who represent ski, snowboard, outdoor and action related products. As an association we produce 4 industry trade events open to exhibiting member reps, and their retail accounts.  

EWSRA is a professional trade organization devoted to the advancement of the ski,snowboard, outdoor and action industry. We are a nonprofit corporation, governed by an elected board of directors with a staff to conduct the activities of the association. Membership is open to individuals ONLY. Eligibility in our association is dependent upon meeting our few membership requirements.


1. Members must derive their livelihood primarily as sales representatives for firms substantially engaged in the manufacturer of goods, merchandise and equipment commonly associated with ski, snowboard, outdoor and/or action industry and whose sales area or territory includes one or more of the following states: New York, New Jersey and/or Pennsylvania.

2. Two letters of recommendation from current EWSRA member reps and a letter of introduction from a principal company which you represent must be submitted with your membership application.

3. Initiation and show fees (certified check or money order) must be submitted with membership application. Dues and fees will be refunded in the event your application is not approved.

4. Member must agree to abide by the by-laws of the organization as well as policies / show rules.

5. Exhibit displays must be 51% ski / snowboard / outdoor / action related.


1. Participation in all EWSRA sponsored shows / events
2. Travel discounts
3. Reps & Lines Available
4. Annual Buyer's Guide (listing of member reps' name, address, phone, fax and the lines they represent)
5. Retail database services


1. Initiation: $750 (one time fee)
2. Dues: $350 annually
3. Show Fees: $125 fee per buying show / $50 show fee for the on snow demo
4.  Booth Space $4.00 per sq. foot
5.  Demo space $175 per van / booth


  • Rossignol
  • Outdoor Retailer
  • Fjallraven

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